Mekal Stainless
Welcome to Crown Custom Imports, your US supplier of Mekal products, the world's leading manufacturer of custom stainless work surfaces.

For over 50 years Mekal has been internationally renowned for it's custom client projects using their state-of-the-art technology with its trademark dedication to superior workmanship.

Mekal employs the highest quality raw materials, which it uses to design and manufacturer high-end stainless steel solutions of the utmost quality.

Mekal's customization and innovation will breathe life into every project.

Find out why clients that demand superior quality and customization demand Mekal. Visit our gallery to view some of Mekal's custom stainless solutions.

Mekal offers a variety of products with flexible production for the kitchen & bath. Mekal goes where your imagination leads.

Please contact us for more information to locate a Mekal dealer in your area.